Dr Burnett Fees

Dr N Burnett Private Fee Guide Private Denplan Care
Examination £100.00 N/A
Routine Examination with Scale & Polish £130.00 included
Session from £59.00 Inc
Digital Radiographs
Small size (Intra-oral) £15.00 included
Large size (Panoral) £40.00 included
Fillings from £100.00 included
Fissure Sealants from £80.00 included
Root Canal Therapy
Front Tooth (Incisor/Canine) from £350.00 included
Back Tooth (Pre-Molar) from £450.00 included
Back Tooth (Molar) from £600.00 included
Porcelain Bonded from £505.00 Laboratory fee only
Ceramic from £550.00 Laboratory fee only
Precious Metal from £590.00 Laboratory fee only
Bridges (Maryland) from £715.00 Laboratory fee only
Veneers from £490.00 Laboratory fee only
Tooth Extraction (simple) from £150.00 included
Tooth Extraction (surgical) from £200.00 included
Acrylic/Flexible – Full Upper & Lower from £835.00 Laboratory fee only
Acrylic/Flexible – Partial from £430.00 Laboratory fee only
Chrome/Cobalt – Partial from £820.00 Laboratory fee only
Tooth Whitening (both arches) from £360.00 £360.00
Mouthguard from £95.00 Laboratory fee only
Airflow Cleaning £65.00 No Charge
Emergency Call Out Fee exclusive of treatment £150.00 £20.00
Initial Consultation and Treatment planning £175.00 No Charge
Implant with a Crown (Back tooth) from £2,400.00 £2,400.00
Implant with a Crown (Front tooth) from £2,550.00 £2,550.00
Two implants supporting a 3 unit bridge from £5,555.00 £5,555.00
Guided Bone Regeneration £350.00 £350.00
Intravenous Sedation £180.00 £125.00

Denplan Care Fees

Denplan Care

Routine and restorative dental care includes:

Denplan Care does not cover:

Please remember – your routine dental treatment is at the discretion of your dentist and your contract is with your dentist, not Simplyhealth Professionals.

Fee Code A B C D E
Monthly £21.10 £31.67 £39.76 £52.10 £64.37
Weekly £4.87 £7.31 £9.18 £12.02 £14.85
Daily £0.69 £1.04 £1.31 £1.71 £2.12


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