Practice fee’s

Please see below for a list of the private treatments that we offer and the costs incurred from these treatments. Further information on the treatments can be found by clicking on the treatment tab above.

Private fee’s guide Private
New Patient Examination including X-rays  From £95.00
Examination  From £80.00
Small x-ray  From £15.00
Large X-rays  From £40.00
Composite Filling  From £110.00
Amalgam Filling  From £95.00
RCT Front Tooth  From £350.00
RCT Pre-molar  From £450.00
RCT Molar  From £600.00
Ceramic Crown  From £550.00
Porcelain Bonded Crown  From £505.00
Bridge 1 unit  From £645.00
Simple extraction  From £150.00
Surgical Extraction  From £285.00
Full Upper & Lower Dentures  From £835.00
Chrome Cobalt Partial  From £820.00
Whitening both Arches  From £360.00
Mouthguard  From £95.00
Childs sports  From £45.00
Adults sports  From £85.00
Airflow  From £72.00
Hygienist visit  From £66.00


Payment Plans

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Private Dentistry

Private Dentistry

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

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New Patients

New Patients

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